Area Meeting

London West Area Quaker Meeting(LWAQM) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain [referred to in the documents below as London West Area Meeting or the area meeting and formerly and also known as Westminster Monthly Meeting]. London West Area Quaker Meeting is a Registered Charity 1134215

Area Meeting Business

All members of the Area Meeting are encouraged to come to Area Meeting and do not need to register. Area Meeting meets six times a year, moving between meeting houses across our geographical area. Most meetings are now held blended with the zoom link being sent out with the agenda and draft minutes.

Attenders (see below) are also welcome - but please ask the clerk first. When we come to certain items of business (e.g. membership applications), please note that attenders are asked to wait outside.

Area Meetings are Meetings for Worship in which we make decisions. If this is your first time at Area Meeting, it is normally a good idea to attend the preceding Local Meeting as sometimes AM business is discussed there by way of preparation.

If you have any access requirements, please do check with the clerk in advance so that we can make suitable adjustments.

Each Local Meetings should appoint representatives to Area Meeting, so that our discernment benefits from a variety of experiences. If you are a representative to Area Meeting, you should make every effort to attend or let the AM clerk know if you cannot attend. Note that it is not necessary to be appointed a representative to attend.

What happens at Area Meeting?

If you've ever wondered about attending Area Meeting - everyone connected to one of our constituent meetings is welcome. If you are an attender please notify the clerk beforehand.

You might find this document 'What happens at Area Meeting?' useful reading beforehand.

Items brought to Area Meeting

Items brought to Area Meeting would normally come from:

  • A minute of a Local Meeting
  • A minute of Britain Yearly Meeting or Meeting for Sufferings
  • A minute of another Area Meeting in Britain Yearly Meeting
  • A minute of a group appointed by Area Meeting, such as: The Area Meeting Clerking Team
  • The Area Meeting Trustees
  • The Area Meeting Nominations Committee
  • Elders or Overseers, either meeting collectively, or through a minute of their LM groups
  • Roles appointed by Area Meeting, in the capacity in which they have been appointed, such as:  Individuals appointed to attend a conference on behalf of AM (typically, to give a report)
  • The Area Meeting Treasurer (about a financial matter)

Items should be sent, with supporting information, to the AM clerk

Area Meeting Policies

For copies of any of the AM's policies please email the office via the 'Contact Us' page.

  • Financial
  • Reserves
  • Fundraising
  • Trustee Code of Conduct
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Trustee Expenses

Dates for 2023

Sunday 22nd January

Sunday 19th March                  

Friday 28th April - Monday 1st May

Sunday 21st May                      

Sunday 16th July                      

Sunday 17th September                     

Sunday 19th November           


AM Uxbridge (blended)

AM Westminster

Britain Yearly Meeting (London blended)

AM Brentford and Isleworth

AM Ealing

AM Hammersmith

AM Harrow